Hamashkifa - Israel's top destination for "eye-end" brands

המשקיפה מאיה ספיר קובוראום


Hamashkifa was founded in 2011 by Maya Sapir, an experienced Optician and Entrepreneur in the Eyewear business with strong background in optics and extensive experience in design and production processes. Her first collection was sold to Milan’s famous fashion hub 10corsocomo. 

Today, Maya is positioned as an opinion leader and Curator for both industry insiders, fashion journalists and the community of eyewear lovers. With strong presence in the media and a cult of followers on social media, Hamashkifa has become the go-to-place for anyone who searches for the rare combination of optics artistry and design excellency.

Brands such as Rigards, Cutler and Gross, Kuboraum, Garrett Leight, Sama, I.ll I optics and Salt were introduced to the public eye after Maya had picked them during her constant seeking after collections that combine unique craftsmanship and story-telling.

Maya was also responsible for the local launch of acclimed desginer Ron Arad’s pq eyewear brand.


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